7 Best Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas

When you are thinking about Thanksgiving Day, the picture that flows into our mind will be mostly of family, football, and that roasted turkey!!! Well, that’s what Thanksgiving Day is all about…Bonds!!! According to the records, Thanksgiving Day is historically the busiest travel holiday of the year. We travel from all across the world just for this day to find a loving family and a warm dinner table.

A Thanksgiving Day without an appetite filling turkey dinner would be incomplete. Likewise, a proper and well-prepared table is also mandatory. Your table will make the great first impression long before the appetizer is served. So, before the Thanksgiving Day week kicks in we would like to prepare you for coming up with the best welcoming dinner table.

Here are 7 best Thanksgiving table decor ideas…

Mason Jar Candle Holders for thanksgiving table decorations
Mason Jar Candle Holders

1. Candle Holders

Let’s start from the heart of the table. Candles symbolize love and hope. It always has a welcoming warm nature. A table with candles can symbolize many things by the way they are put up. Well, you cannot clearly have a red candle with a silver candle stand for your family reunion dinner!!! Instead of the traditional flaming foliage candle holders, try using mason jar candle holders. You can also try painting some inexpensive glasses to make them attractive candle holders.

2. Table Linen

It doesn’t matter how good your food tastes, it won’t get proper attention if its presentation is messier. It’s the same when it comes to a dining table. Would you take the liberty to taste the food if you have a dirty, old and raggy tablecloth? Well, it’s time to give your old table linen a break. You can find a lot of varieties of table linen both online and offline. Make sure you get a good one for a prolonged use.

Fall Leaf Clipping with Transparent Dinner Set

3. Fall Leaf Clipping
This will be more of a creative and fun thing to do. Since it’s the peak month of autumn finding autumn leaves are out of the question. Pick out the most vivid fall leaves to make your dining table more appealing. Maple leaves might be best suited for this as they can be found easily without breaking a sweat. Clip few of the leaves you found according to their sizes. Now all you need is a transparent dinner set. Place the leaf clipping on the table and rest your plate upon them. When it’s dinner time you’ll be basking in oohs and aahs of your guests!!! We recommend using the Artland’s Dappled Amber Plate as it already has some decent and unique texture on it.

4. Napkin Ties and Rings
Most of you might think napkin ties and rings are just a luxury. Well, it isn’t about the luxury…it’s all about the greeting. Have you ever found a starred restaurant that provides napkin without ties on em’? The whole setup of the plates and napkin itself is more than enough to let you know that you are a special guest. Tie up your napkins with napkin ties or some flashy napkin rings to express how grateful you are to have the guests’ presence for the dinner.

Table Centerpiece with branches of gold spray paint
Table Centerpiece

5. A Perfect Centerpiece
To have a perfect dinner a perfect table should be set up and no table will be perfect for a dinner without a centerpiece. To add a gilded touch to your Thanksgiving table, gather some branches, give them a few rounds of gold spray paint. Put them on a cool centerpiece and place them at the center of the table. They would match perfectly with the fall leaf clippings we mentioned in the above points. You can also place them at an entranceway or hallway as a welcome decoration. You can try natural flowers to use in table centerpiece.

6. Go For the Gold

Move over, stainless steel — it’s gold’s turn to shine!!! Gold has increasingly become designers’ metal of choice for fancy flatware but, like anything that’s trendy, new sets are pricey. Check the vintage stores and estate sales near you find your “golden spoon of happiness”.

Thanksgiving Table Decoration Theme Natural
Thanksgiving Table Decoration Theme

7. Pick a Theme
If you are more of a Pinterest person you might clearly know what we meant. Go for a theme. Match your decors plates, glassware accordingly. But, make sure that your arrangement doesn’t go pale. Be courageous to add some pop of colors. Try to go all natural for a more elegant yet casual look for your thanksgiving decoration.

Thanksgiving Day has definitely gone through a drastic change climbing up the centuries. It was early a harvest festival but now it has turned out to be more of a holiday. But the things that remained constant were the love and hope in people’s heart. So, this Thanksgiving Day let’s enjoy to the fullest with our family and spread the love to the world. Make sure to leave comments if you find our ideas useful!!!

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