Best Interior Design Trends for 2018


The year 2017 was a really hyped when it came to interior designs. Well, with the end of every year we leave something behind hoping for a better revised one in the upcoming year and trends are one among them.  By saying adieu to the year 2017 we are welcoming the New Year 2018 and new trends with open hands.

“You have to stay updated on trends, social things and pop culture, you need to stay with the times and keep evolving”:- Corey Feldman

Here are some of best interior design tends for 2018….

1. Beige and Brown

Beige and Brown Colored Interior Design Trend for 2018

Beige and brown is considered one among the everlasting trends till 2016. By the emergence of 2017, we found a steady fall in the beige and brown trend and people were loving bold colors more. Well, guess what…They are back with a bang in 2018!

Beige and brown colors give a luxurious touch to your home interiors keeps a serene mood up. In short, your home looks more welcoming and warm with a few tints of beige and browns.

2. Artistic Walls

artistic wall interior design trend for 2018

The era of bare walls is officially out with the end of 2017. 2018 is more of a year for the artistic view on interior designs. Interior designers suggest hanging some of the famous painter’s masterpiece or some contemporary geometric art designs is well enough to light up your room to more trendy and lively ones.

Warm lights are recommended to go along with the artistic walls as they act as a catalyst to the picture’s beauty and creates a luxurious illusion. If you aren’t a big fan of hanging arts on your walls you can also try the new 3D wall designs!!!

3. Millennial Pink

Powdery pink interior design trends 2018

The Interior design world has been obsessed with pink for the past 2 years. Well, this continues on to 2018 too. Powdery pink looks at its best when matched with gold, shades of grey, nude and coral shades. It is better to use the pale pink when it comes to picking out textiles for your lounge and accessories.

Powdery pink still got an alluring effect in our minds but, remember excess pink might backfire on you. When used wisely they create an illusion of a luxurious and spacious room.

4. Bold Ceilings


The plain and dull ceilings are already on the list of the outdated trend. 2018 is a year to look up to when it comes to interior designs or, at least, onto your ceilings. Statement ceilings have been really popular in 2014 and they are back on to the track in 2018.

Matching up your ceiling with the floor design is next big thing for 2018.

5. The Love For Earthen Luxury


As our lives became more reliant on technology, our ascended desire to reconnect with nature and return to a simpler way of life is reflected in the design and style of our homes. Organic materials and traditional handicrafts are gaining momentum in the interior designs even as we speak. A new type of earthen luxury which focuses on a sense of environmental emotions and wellbeing has already altered our interest in artificial decors and accessories.

6. Wabi Sabi


One of the most rated trends of 2018 is the Wabi Sabi styled interior designs. Wabi Sabi is the ancient Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfections. The designs are many caused due to natural effects of wearing off, cracks, weathering, oxidation etc…

7. Dark Wood Designs


The earthy tones and dark woods have also made their way to the top list of 2018 interior trends. Rosewood, walnut, mango woods have topped the list of most desirable dark wood pieces. The marbling effect of mango woods and charring technique of Shou Sugi Ban is gaining a lot of popularity. It is a striking and bold shift away from blonde woods which has been popular in the recent years.

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9 thoughts on “Best Interior Design Trends for 2018”

  1. Hey, Ella!

    I love your blogs and I think you have a very good taste and understanding about home interior trends. I actually agree with every word you wrote. 🙂 I’m planning to improve my living-room interior. Thinking about dark walls. But the thing is, I’m not going to use much accessories, so I need my walls to have something on them.

  2. Hi Ella James,
    I love your post, Best Interior design trends for 2018. All your ideas are awesome and unique. Especially, your ideas, artistic walls, Millennial pink, bold selling and Wabi sabi influenced me very much. Actually, I am searching some innovative ideas for decorating my room, and your post helps me a lot. Thank you for sharing this post. Keep sharing new posts with us.

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