7 Over the Bed Wall Decor Ideas


No matter where you go or what you do, bedroom is the only space where you can unwind and find comfort at the end of the day. This is why most of you people take extra care when it comes to embellishing your room. But how many of you really have thought about burnishing the space above your bed? Well, if you are looking for an interior inspiration to transform your over-the-bed expanse into something interesting, this article is for you!

Here are 7 over the bed wall decor ideas for 2018….

Inspiring Piece of Artwork


If you believe in keeping it simple yet elegant, then a king-sized inspiring piece of artwork is perfect for you. It will not only fill the space but it will also bring a whole new charm to your bedroom. There are endless options to choose from. Make sure to choose the one which reflects your mood and perfectly blends with your persona.

Beautiful Mirrors for a Unique Statement


If you want to raise glamour quotient of your bedroom effortlessly, then you should try mounting bold and beautiful mirrors on the wall. It will instantly draw everyone’s attention. You may opt for the magnificently crafted Regal Aztec Mirrors to give your bedchamber an eccentric twist.

Geometric Wooden Shelves


Well, some of you may find it odd but geometric wooden shelves can actually prove to be the best thing for enhancing beauty of your personal space. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Clubbing shelves of different sizes and shapes can actually help you create an intriguing look. An added advantage is that you can use them to de-clutter your place by storing your personal things.

Colorful Wallpapers for Bedroom’s Vibrancy


Tried and tested for years, adding colorful wallpapers is the golden standard for setting the tone of entire room. They look absolutely stunning and give an amazing positivity boost to the space. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a shot right away!

Decorative Wall Hangings for Elegant Look


No one can deny the fact that wall hangings raise the wow factor of any given space just like that. They are one of the finest decorative elements that one can try without a second thought. If you want something modern and classy, do check out the Red Heart Burton & Burton Wall Hangings.

Add Eye-Catching Framed Prints


Gone are the days when framed prints were meant to be used in workplaces. You can jazz up a large area above your bed with contrasting framed prints. Love the idea? Still confused what would look the best? We recommend the Demdaco Big Sky Carvers PeeWee Hummingbird Print. You may try combining such prints with photographs of your loved ones.

Hang Stylish Plates on Walls

plates for wall decor

Ever heard of mounting plates on walls? It may seem unusual but it is the most innovative way to refresh the room. The key is to use plates of different colors and designs and arrange them as per your choice. It will definitely give a touch of magic to your interiors and brighten up the entire bedroom’s decor.


Wall over your resting space can end up being a focal point of fascination with the correct sort of stylistic theme. You should experiment with the previously mentioned thoughts and we’re certain you will get tons of compliments. Stay connected and don’t forget to leave your remarks if you find these over the bed wall decor ideas helpful.

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